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Camesa understands that you want the best when it comes to electromechanical (EM) cable. Your oil field business is mission-critical and you can trust Camesa to deliver the right cables that keep your job on schedule and your equipment running in premium condition.

Camesa is a world leader in EM cable and an innovator in several unique manufacturing techniques including multi-stage preforming and continuous hot pre-tensioning, which directly contribute to the overall uniformity and quality of our cables. Camesa engineers remain actively involved in developing new and improved products and manufacturing techniques for the next generation of EM cables. In addition to new products and innovations, our revolutionary new Quality Verification System (QVS) uses microscopic enhancement to record minute measurements of wirelines to deliver the data you need to back up quality control claims.

In 2005, Camesa became part of WireCo WorldGroup – a United States company deep in resources and global services. Our expertise is backed by years of experience and a wealth of engineering resources.

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Camesa Cable School Webinar Now Available

Camesa Cable School Webinar Now Available

Camesa is now offering its industry leading Cable School through webinar format.  This new online school allows customers across the world and in multiple time zones to attend a Camesa Cable School given by a qualified instructor from their computer wherever they are.  Upon completion, students will receive a certificate of achievement to certify that they've received the training.  To schedule your very own Camesa Cable School webinar, contact your local Camesa representative.

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Getting the Most From Your Cable, Part 1: Cable Seasoning

The most important step in improving cable life is seasoning your cable. Wireline cables are most susceptible to damage during their first few runs into and out of a well. This damage can affect cable performance over the life of the line, so getting the first few runs right is paramount to improving cable life overall. This technical information tells you how. 


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